About the Author

Craig Heberton

Craig Heberton

Author, Craig Heberton, is an attorney by training – a detail person and fascinated by Civil War history.  He practiced law for 25 years in Chicago, Illinois, before moving with his family to Connecticut. His interests and hobbies include: American history, genealogy,paleontology, photography, cycling and travel. Heberton currently lives with his wife and daughter in Connecticut.

After three years of research, including consultations with noted Civil War historians, Heberton believes he has discovered another image of Lincoln at Gettysburg, and he is out to make his case to the world in his ebook- ABRAHAM LINCOLN AT GETTYSBURG: A REVIEW OF ALEXANDER GARDNER’S STEREOSCOPIC PHOTOGRAPHS (2012).

On September 24 2013, Smithsonian Magazine published an article in their October issue about a new photographic “discovery” of Lincoln at Gettysburg that cites conclusive evidence that a figure of Lincoln has been revealed using new high resolution technology.  Conclusive?  Heberton has serious doubts about that and makes a solid case for why his figure is truly Abraham Lincoln.

We encourage everyone to read the Smithsonian Magazine article and compare the information to what Heberton has outlined as a counterpoint.  For the full story, download ABRAHAM LINCOLN AT GETTYSBURG, published by WMI Books in 2012 – available on Amazon.



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